Nathanial Garrod

Picture of the Week – April 27

There were two pretty notable and outstanding things that happened this week. I mean, there were a lot more than that. But there were two recorded by photograph.


I got to hang out with my fabulous cohort this week! It was such great fun, especially since we are all graduating next week and who knows when we will all be together again. There is one more of us, but she had to move away for a job. This group of people has essentially been like a family the past couple years. We all have such broad, different backgrounds, passions, desires and geographic points of origin. Getting to know them has been fantastic, and I am so excited to see where we all go with our lives.

UCO from a Hot Air Balloon

I got to ride a hot air balloon! At work! This is the campus I work on currently. That sunset actually turned out to be quite beautiful. So glad to have such an incredible position with such incredible supervisors and students. I am very sad to be leaving.

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