Nathanial Garrod

Late February Became Early March

Note: I wrote all this at the end of February, it just took me two weeks to click post. I have had a range of thoughts, feelings and ideas going … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett

Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett is one of the latest additions to the publishing line, and perhaps one of the most effective and chilling novellas they have published. Thematically, … Continue reading

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Falling Into and Breaking Cycles

It certainly seems that I am falling into a cycle again. Here’s the deal: I set my goals in late December, early January. For the last few years, it has … Continue reading

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Re-discovering parts of the 90s that I sorta missed…

RWhen I was a kid in the late 90s, we had these neighbors who were fun, clever and eccentric – I remember them going from being incredibly distant to some … Continue reading

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Book Review: A People’s Future of the United States

In a beautiful intro, editor Victor LaValle describes the origin of the idea for A People’s Future of the United States – speculative fiction that derives in theme from Howard … Continue reading

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Books to read in 2019

By no means is this an exhaustive list of books coming out this year that I am excited about, but it is an overview of books I am aware of … Continue reading

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The Top Five Books I Read in 2018

At the end of August, 2018 it occurred to me that the vast majority of books I read so far in the year were by white men. I looked at … Continue reading

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2019 Goals

In which our writer waxes eloquently about things he wishes to accomplish in the year 2019.

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Writing on Writing in 2019

I know blog stats are not everything, but after another year where I have run a lot, spent a lot of time watching Netflix and reading books but had some … Continue reading

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