Nathanial Garrod

Lessons From (The Amazing) Spiderman

Since around 2002, Spiderman has been my favorite superhero. I have always identified with Peter Parker. The smart, shy bumbling one who had few friends. The artist who is misunderstood to some degree. And he stumbled upon something, randomly. He was in the right place at the right time with the right sense of circumstances. His curiousity changed his life, and he did something with that change. He chose to use his ability to change the world for the better. To make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Spiderman has something most superheroes (or heroes, in the case of Batman and Iron Man) don’t have. A normal life. An ability to identify with the average individual. The quiet, shy, introverted individuals. Think about it; X-Men are born with abilities, Batman and Iron Man have a lot of money, Superman is an alien, and the Hulk knows exactly what he did to himself. Spiderman faced unexpected circumstances.

Sometimes, as people, we cannot change the circumstances around us. What you can change, like Spiderman, is how you react to your circumstances. He received unprecedented abilities, and used them. You have unique talents and gifts. Have you used them?

Further, Spiderman teaches us to believe. He teaches us that when all hope is gone, we need to carry on. Time and time again, on the backs of others, Spiderman is helped through his challenges. It’s not something he faces alone, instead the whole community comes together to support him. It’s incredible how indomitable the support makes him. When others believe in his ability in a situation, he is able to use their support and help to get through the situation. What community are you engaging with? Is that community helping you or hurting you?

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