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I’m Yelling Timber!

The internet has exploded time and again with love for the Pitbull single Timber, featuring Ke$ha. Those who love pop/dance music have been all over it because, hey, new Pitbull and Ke$ha (Kesha, for you fans of unstylized names) music. Fans of country music have enjoyed the influence of country music on pop, and always love having a new song to two-step to. The video features Ke$ha dancing in a country bar and Pitbull rapping on a tropical island.  Have you seen it yet?

Thanks to the creativity of people, and the sharing made capable by the internet, there are a number of different versions of Timber by Kesha (or Ke$ha) and Pitbull. Check out what one fan who did not like Pitbull created. The lyrics are from an unreleased Ke$ha song called WooHoo that ended up being performed by another group.

Maybe you are more into Punk/Pop covers with some screaming instead of rapping. In that case, this cover of Timber by Forever Ends Today is just for you. Check out the screaming of Pitbull’s rap, some nice electronic wub-wubs and the sound of men saying WOOOOOO.

If live performances are your thing, check out Kesha and Pitbull performing Timber live at the 2013 American Music Awards.

Alternatively, you can watch Pitbull perform by himself with a recording of Ke$ha in the background at the X-Factors.

Perhaps you are less interested in the music and are more interested in the dancing, in which case you should watch this video of some people in Singapore dancing at a bus-stop, in the middle of the road and in a field.

If mashup covers are your favorite, check out Sam Tsui and his band perform Counting Stars mixed with Timber.

The YouTube-famous Tyler Ward and Alex G created this beautiful guitar-only cover, for those quite raining nights that want to be contemplative and listen to Timber.

Perhaps you liked the Forever Ends Today video, but wanted something a bit harder – well here you go!

Do you love 1950s doo-wop? A classy cover of Timber that lacks both Kesha and Pitbull has some wonderful male background to the dazzling voice of Robyn Anderson has made rounds through the internet. This is definitely one of my favorite covers of the Timber.

Which of these do you like best? Is there another cover of this song that you enjoy more? Share down in comments!

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