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GUEST POST: Second Skin: Thoughts on Living Some Place Other Than Home

Second Skin: Thoughts on Living Some Place Other Than Home
By Nathan Box

To leave behind everything you know, is a daunting task. To leave those deep relationships behind, is not for the faint of heart. To leave on a path unbeknownst to you, is what some might call foolish. We wear a second skin.

Yet, there are those of us who consider ourselves restless. We never seem comfortable. We talk about the future as if it were a right. Every new opportunity presents itself with moments to transform ourselves from within. We move about rooms, cities, states and countries with reckless abandon. Our second skin is some place other home.

10364068_10100899279913081_5361877167040102945_nWe miss birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and those moments cherished by most of humanity. We feel pain. We miss what we miss out on, but we are answering to a higher order. Call it selfish or absorbed, maybe even narcissistic, but we believe in a life well lived. We wear a second skin and unless you wear it too it may be difficult to comprehend.

Loneliness and depression can become crippling. They can plant lingering thoughts in your mind. Screaming for the familiar, the safe… these thoughts will try and call you home. Back there, though, is a loss; an all-consuming realization of defeat. To wear a second skin is to press on, because you aren’t just doing this for yourself. You’re doing this for anyone whoever wished they were afforded more from this life. They talk of regret and missed opportunities. They look back in anger with tear stained cheeks. You sit and talk with them. Not to brag, but for some semblance of a transfer. In those moments, when scars are traded and war stories touted, those who never did are allowed to vicariously life through you. This is not sole purpose for wearing a second skin, but for now, it will do.

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