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Go [East], Young Man!

Three weeks in California has just flown by. I have spent my time going on adventures with friends, spending time with family, volunteering at church and trying to catch a breath of air every now and then.

This Saturday the 16th, I will begin my trek out to my internship in upstate New York, and I am very excited.

This is my semi-formal announcement of my travel plans. Listed below are the cities or areas I am planning to stop in on the corresponding date during my travels. I’m not dedicated to a specific plan, and if it means seeing someone I know I am willing to be a bit flexible. If you have an open/unoccupied couch, I would be happy to buy you dinner in exchange for the opportunity to sleep on said couch.

The majority of my routh will be along I-80 East.

Saturday the 16thSalt Lake City

Sunday the 17th – (Dropping down from 80 to 25S) Denver

Monday the 18th – (76 back to 80 in the morning when I leave Denver) Omaha

Tuesday the 19thChicago

Wednesday the 20thSomewhere in Ohio (my path through Ohio is along I-80 until Cleveland when I transition to I-90).

I am very excited to see so much of the country in so short a period of time. If you reside somewhere along this route, I hope we get a chance to connect.

Additionally, if you have suggestions for places I should visit or check out in any of these cities, I am incredibly open to your recommendations. I have found that experience is the best help in planning roadtrips.

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