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Future Food

I absolutely love living in the world of the future.

Today I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and I found a link to an article about NASA funding the creation of a 3D food printer that makes pizza. I began silently questioning this, wondering if it was an article from a source like The Onion… I could swear Twitter said something last night about 3D food printers.

As I waited for the article to load, my mind questioned the process such a machine might undergo, and how that would work. And then I began to process all the implications of such a machine.

One of the biggest dividing issues in our world today is the availability of food. Some have more than they need, and some do not have as much as they need. The technology to reliably provide a source of nutrition to the entire world, while expensive, will be beneficial to our global unity.

The applications are endless beyond that, once we are able to feed the people here on our planet, we can begin thinking extra-solar travel.

We live in a world with iPad’s, tricorders, cell phones, and so much more that was suggested just in the original Star Trek. To live in a world where we can go to a machine and have it create food on the spot is just one step closer to being able to expanding our boundaries.

So many people ask why I love Science Fiction so much, and this is why. The infinite imagination and possibility thought up by authors and other creators leads to development of actual scientific, awesome things that change the way we see the world.

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