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Enjoying Life

“Crazy Beautiful Life” by Ke$ha

Many criticize me for enjoying the music of Ke$ha. My liking of her music is shameless, it is not my “guilt pleasure” and I refuse to hide it. We all like the music we like.

“So why this song?” you ask, “It seems to reek of sex, drugs and alcohol.”

Yeah. That’s one interpretation of it. We all interpret content based on our experiences and values (this is something that could really be a whole post on it’s own) and I choose to see something else in “Crazy Beautiful Life.”

First off, Ke$ha states “I’m in love alri-i-i-ight / with my crazy beautiful life.” How many of you wake up every day and say that you’re in love with your life? How many of you are mentally saying yes, but you know you’re lying to me and yourself?

Ke$ha sings of a willingness to go out and have adventures. Sure, her intention in the words is probably to go out and get plastered. But we don’t have to see it that way. Why do we limit ourselves to living our daily lives? Work, school, coffee, homework, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat. Why do we limit this to being the norm, and why do we live inside of it?

“But what about my past? What about the things that I’ve done?”

You can overcome those. Ke$ha did… “I’ve been through my sketchy phases… / but I’m not now / guess it worked out…” she sings in her pop-y autotune voice. If Ke$ha can get past her past (pun intended), then so can you. Remember that the things that happened in the past are behind you. Unless these are still choices you are making, they no longer define you. If they are still choices you are making, well, it’s never too late to change your choices. 

This is what I get out of a Ke$ha song. Valuable lessons.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments, I’m only four comments away from 100!

One Comment on “Enjoying Life

  1. Ian
    May 25, 2012

    You are doomed to like crappy bubblegum pop for the rest of your life, its good that you embrace it. you like it because it is a fun song, you do not have to justify it. how you see things is relative to how bright the background is. so if your back is to the darkness and your face is to the light are the objects in your view causing shadows or are they forcing you to put your hand up to shield your eyes.

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