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Eleventh Doctor Rewatch: Victory of the Daleks

Right on the heels of the phone call Amy and The Doctor received at the end of The Beast Below, we exit the TARDIS in England during early World War II. Winston Churchill has called The Doctor who is now a month late. Wibbly-wobbley, timey-wimey whatever. Amy finally gets a costume change in this episode, and it’s perfect. The costume shows how young and innocent Amy is.

Fixed Points; The Doctor has a monologue when he tries to remind the Dalek’s who they are, because their friendliness is a bit too eerie, even for The Doctor. “You are my enemy, and I am yours!” Also, 11 convincing the Dalek’s that a cookie is a TARDIS self-destruct button.

Forgettable: Colored Daleks. ‘nough said.

Line of the Episode: “I don’t give a damn if you’re a machine, Bracewell. Are you a man?” – Winston Churchill

Foreshadowing: The Crack is in Winston Churchill’s office. Amy doesn’t remember the attack of the Daleks in The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End, a thing which she should very well remember.

Fan Service: The Doctor manages to convince the Dalek’s that a Jammie Dodger is a self-destruct button. This seems like a nod to the Doctor’s off and on obsession with sweets, and we will see Eleven with Jammie Dodgers again soon. There is a scene where The Doctor wails on a Dalek for a moment with a giant wrench. Viewers that remember Ace’s famous moment with the Dalek’s and a baseball bat will enjoy this moment.

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