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Comic Book Trade-Paperbacks – Week 2

This past week in my effort to catch up on comics, I read…

Batman Incorporated, Vol. 1 by Grant MorrisonAt least, I think it was volume one. Amazon confused me and it looks like there are multiple volume ones, but maybe that is wrong. Anyways, the concept is super cool – Bruce Wayne goes public about being the money behind Batman and Batman starts setting up a world-wide network of Batman’s in almost every country, as a way to fight back against a huge villain. What sounds cool in idea was so confusingly executed. It’s like, every time I try to give Batman a chance, he lets me down.

Avengers: Endless Wartime by Warren Ellis
Allegedly one of the best comics of the year, I felt a little bit let down by this one. It did not particularly move or inspire me. I felt no different at the end than the beginning. Over-all, cool idea, but blah.

Superman: Secret Origin by Geoff JohnsAs always, Superman is Super Cool. Retelling after retelling of Superman’s origin story is simultaneously annoying and awesome. The art for this story is great. I love a classic Lex Luthor story, but it was great seeing Metallo get the bulk of the action. With smooth art, this story is well-told.

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