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From the Comic Book Store #2

A few weeks ago, I shared that I had made my first trip to the comic book store. Since then, I have made it a weekly habit and gone for close to five weeks. Since my last post, I have picked up the following.

Black Widow #2 & Black Widow #3 – Nathan Edmonson & Phil Noto
This line from All New Marvel Now has been incredible. When I flipped through it in the store, I did not think I was going to enjoy the art much. Honestly, I feel like the art and the story mesh so well together. Natasha feels so alone when she is not doing her job, and I think that is a thing many can relate to. She feels like she needs to keep moving and not stand still. I love the characters, there is even a quirky cat that we see briefly every issue. Issue #2 featured an incredibly catalyst moment that showed a character going to the next level in an unbelievable way.

Ms. Marvel #1 – G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona
Hands-down this is the single best comic book issue I have purchased out of my small handful. Kamala Khan is unbelievably spectacular. This was an incredible way for Marvel to give voice to a side of the United States we do not see much in comics. The people who are just trying to get by, who struggle to make ends meet and who are just trying to make their way to the American Dream, whatever that may be for them. Kamala is headstrong, independent and conscientious. I think this series has a lot of incredible days ahead.

Dredd: Underbelly – Arthur Wyatt & Henry Flint
I loved the Dredd movie with Karl Urban – probably partly because of Karl Urban – and it was exciting to see a comic book follow-up. While there is a huge movement to make a sequel happen, this comic filled some of that gap, for now. I did not find the story to be overwhelmingly cool, but it was interesting to see the impact of the events in the film on Mega City One, and some of the fallout Dredd and Anderson have to deal with.

The Fuse #1 – Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood
Fuse is a police procedural set on a space station. It is brilliant and beautiful. I am really, genuinely excited to see where this story goes. I love the space station and peeking into this world. The writing and art are both really great. The characters seem deep and complex. In a nudgingly familiar way, they are the grumpy cops-who-just-met-and-hate-each-other, but so much different. I  will probably continue buying this one, because I love having a non-superhero science fiction comic in my line-up.

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