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Bollywood Music Videos

When I was a junior in college, I was a Community Services Advisor (CSA), which is my undergraduate institutions name for being an RA. Each of us had a different … Continue reading

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Song Sunday – Week 41 (2013)

By chance and some convincing from my then-LifeGroup Leaders Dane and Megan, I ended up at Passion 2012. That winter was a very challenging time in my life – I … Continue reading

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10 Things I Have Learned at UCO

During the past two academic years, as I have pursued my masters degree at Oklahoma State University, I have had a graduate assistantship about 50 miles down the road at … Continue reading

May 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

13 Places I Have Traveled While In Graduate School

I have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities to travel all over the country since living in Oklahoma. Being in the middle of the country is certainly a challenge … Continue reading

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Here, the Thunder Rumble!

As I understand it, for a long time, Oklahoma was a state divided. In many ways, it still is. The Oklahoma State University vs. University of Oklahoma rivalry is engrained … Continue reading

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The Winds are Changing

I still remember my first time in Oklahoma. I remember sitting in the airport with a future classmate and good friend. We talked about our undergraduate experience and our degrees … Continue reading

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Reflections on Libraries

I do not remember the first time I walked into a library. I have been told it was while my mother was still pregnant with me. I have heard that … Continue reading

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Thoughts from the End of the Year

There was a brisk coldness in the air. The sort of cold that makes you glad to have a jacket, but not so strong as to make you shiver. My … Continue reading

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7 Days of Thanks – Day Three: Friendship

I have never heard of the concept of Friendsgiving until this year. It’s the idea that one takes a night to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day meal with their friends at … Continue reading

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