Nathanial Garrod

A Thankful November

November 1st in Portland is a bit brisk. I write to you from a coffee shop in Southeast Portland. I hopped on a bus over here this morning to get some writing done. On the list of writing is my November blog series, which I am a quarter of the way through as I type this up.

Because of how much I am traveling this month, many of my posts for the month are being typed up now – and a few more will likely be added over the course of the month.

Last year, I noticed that the trend of Facebook/Twitter posts of gratitude and thankfulness was gaining ground. It was no longer just posting on Thanksgiving or the week of Thanksgiving – it was the whole month. This is absolutely incredible, everyone should spend more time being grateful for their friends, family, and opportunities. Which is what I want to do this month. Every day, I will have a post about something I am grateful. Some days my gratitude is fully and completely earnest, some days are a bit more sarcastic.

I hope you check in every day, and enjoy!

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