Nathanial Garrod

A Few Friendly Reminders

Dark clouds, heavy fog and light mist always brings out my more contemplative side. Riding the ferry over to Seattle in the thick fog, chatting with some friends, and engaging the general thoughtfulness I’ve been moving through for the past week made me realize that there are some simple things about life that we forget.

Appreciate important people. We all make a difference on each others lives, but sometime we lose sight of that.
Listen to older people. Sometimes they have important and relevant things to say that impact our lives. Sometimes they do not. But listen, and decide for yourself.
Enjoy today for what it is. It is another day that you are alive and breathing. It is another moment I change the world you live in, to minimize your irks, and to love others.
Appreciate the moment. This is a good cup of coffee, drank in a comfortable chair, while eavesdropping on relatively interesting conversations. Earlier I had a great donut. I’m warm and cozy inside while it’s a bit chilly out. Later this week, it will be blazing hot.

Anyway. Just some thoughts I wanted to share this morning. I know it’s repetitive to a bit of an older post, but sometimes we need a good reminder.

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