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Figuring out Locutus

It is my belief that the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 cliffhanger and season 4 premier “The Best of Both Worlds” changed Star Trek forever.

At this point, turning Captain Picard into Locutus of Borg was the boldest, most outstanding things this show had ever done. It left the entire fandom in a shock for the entire summer, waiting to see what was next.

Except, as it turns out, the viewers of the show were not the only people waiting to see what happens. According to the interviews shown with the Best of Both Worlds theatrical screening on April 25, 2013, the actors, writers and crew had no idea what was going to happen either.

Seeing this fun trivia combined with some of my favorite episodes of my favorite television show on the big screen is delightful. It gives me a chance to reflect on my childhood in a grander scale, to understand the things that have meaning, and what they mean in the context of the world at large.

What I heard from the interviews shown with the screening was that even fully-grown adults with secure-ish jobs have no idea what they are doing – sometimes they just make it up day by day. I always thought that by the time I am the age I am now, I would have my life together, I would be organized. I do, to some extent. But there are still things about my life that I am just beginning to figure out. Whatever that means.

And I guess that is really the purpose of life, right?

What about you? What do you think “figuring things out” means? Have you gotten “there?”

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