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7 Days of Thanks – Day One: The Little Things

Relatively recently a cold front came through the state of Oklahoma, bringing the soaring summer temperatures to an end and snapping us straight into late fall. It is the time of year where it is not uncommon to see temperatures in the mid to low 40s.

This means jackets are no longer just accessories that take up space in closets, they are essential necessities to go outside. “On” is the new default for my heater, and nothing sounds better than a hot meal. All the time.

And I have access to these things. All of them.

Recently I have been so overwhelmed with gratefulness that I live in a place in the world where I can keep my apartment cool in the hot summer, hot in the winter and just right all the time.

I have access to food.
I have electricity, with which I can prepare my food, clean my clothes and keep my apartment at a desirable temperature.

This is something that I often take for granted. Which is silly, because it is such a blessing.

What’s something that are grateful for, yet take for granted sometimes?

3 Comments on “7 Days of Thanks – Day One: The Little Things

  1. Sara Crayne
    November 18, 2012

    Hi Garrod. I’m a friend of your Aunt Sharon’s… you met me a few years ago.

    Like your gratitude project. I work on being grateful a little every day, myself.

    Today (in Mount Shasta) I am grateful for the rain and for a house to come in out of it into. Which.

    • njgarrod
      November 21, 2012

      Thanks! It’s definitely been a heck of a process. Grad school is challenging sometimes, and one of the only ways to stay positive is to think about how many awesome things there are that I have, or have access to.

      It’s all such a blessing.

      Hope you are enjoying the rain! We’ve barely gotten any out here this year. 🙁

  2. ms davis
    November 20, 2012

    Nathan….your writing made me cry….

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