Nathanial Garrod

30 by 30 List

[UPDATE: I started this list in late 2011. I think that maybe this list has become less relevant/interesting over time as my life and goals have changed. It is likely I will be archiving this at some point before January 2016]

It is good to have goals, right? In an effort to track my accomplishments and make sure I achieve the things I want to achieve – the ones that are reasonably attainable, anyways.Well, I guess some of these are lofty too. But there is nothing wrong with that. This list is not fully developed, but it is the beginning of my list of 30 things I want to accomplish by the time I am 30. I figured developing this list now is a good starting point – I still have six years, after all.

  1. Own a house
  2. Meet Don Miller
  3. Meet Jon Acuff
  4. Meet John Green
  5. Meet Gaye LeBaron
  6. Visit all 50 states
  7. Eat at that Taco Truck between Santa Rosa and Sonoma on Dunbar Road
  8. New Years Eve in London
  9. NYE in New York
  10. NYE in San Francisco
  11. NYE in the same place two years in a row
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Go to a World Series game
  14. Visit every California Mission
  15. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  16. Buy artwork I see in a coffee shop.
  17. Visit Boston
  18. Visit D.C.
  19. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  20. Visit Vulcan, Canada
  21. Visit Cardiff
  22. Hold a sloth
  23. Host an awesome Cheese Party two years in a row
  24. See a live showing of Saturday Night Live

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