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Exploring Mississippi

Since I am currently between professional positions I have a significant amount of free time. The amount of that time that I am not dedicating to writing, I am pushing … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Week – Week 16

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Seasons in Portland

As spring awakens the plants in the city, I walk down Burnside. I take the slight angle to Morrison and see trees lighting up, growing new leaves. When I run … Continue reading

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“Something is [Awesome] in the State of Denmark!”

On the front end of the Complete Works Project, the first time a city in the United States has tried to put on all of Shakespeare’s works in two years, … Continue reading

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Portland Snowpocalypse Pictures 3: More pictures of snow in Portland

After two days of snow, Portland was gifted with a third day of snow. The morning started off well, but by the end of the day the weather deteriorated into … Continue reading

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Portland Snow-pocalypse Pictures: The Sequel

Today in Portland, the snow continued, prompting many to continue using the term Snowpocalypse on social media as a way of referring to the weather that has practically shut down … Continue reading

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Pictures from Snowpocalypse Portland

Did you like this post? Share it with friends! For more pictures, check out my Buzzfeed post or The Sequel!

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An Honest Facebook Movie

This past week, Facebook has been littered with minute-long video clips in celebration of the websites tenth anniversary. The videos claim to compile a review of your time on Facebook, … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Week – Week 1 (2014)

The first Pictures of the Week for 2014! For the uninitiated, every Saturday I share some of my favorite pictures from the past week. Typically, the pictures I share on … Continue reading

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