Nathanial Garrod

How to Write a Guest Post features occasional guest blog posts, when such content is available. If you are interested in having your writing featured on guest posts in the future, please follow the guidelines below. Unless there is an urgent and timely nature to a blog post (holiday’s, seasons, a specific current event), posts will be published in the order they were received/accepted.

1) is looking for unique, original content on a wide range of topics. I encourage submission on thoughtful topics the writer is passionate about.

2)   When you submit your guest post, please include a title for your post, and a byline of no more than 50 words. Please also attach at least one and no more than three SFW (Safe For Work) relevant photographs for inclusion with your post.

3)   Guest Posts must be less than 1000 words.

4)   E-mail the submission as attachment that can be read by Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to

5)    Have fun with your writing!

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